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Criminal Defense
OUI Defense

Attorney Jeff Higgins will fight for you. If you are seeking a successful and skilled litigator to fight it out in court to prove your innocence, call Jeff Higgins.

Attorney Higgins is the senior partner at Higgins & Gianino and has concentrated in giving all clients committed and confidential criminal defense in the District and Superior Courts. Attorney Higgins has a proven track record of getting many dismissals, or if trial is inevitable, Attorney Higgins has a remarkable record of acquittals. Attorney Higgins has been especially successful in the defense of OUI - Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and Operating Under the Influence of Drugs.

Here are his results for the last several years:

2002 through 2005Over 95% Not Guilty or Dismissed
2001 - OUI Jury Trials100% Not Guilty
2001 - Other Criminal Trials100% Not Guilty
2000 - OUI Jury Trials85% Not Guilty (6 wins, 1 loss)
1999 - All Criminal Trials100% Not Guilty
1998 - All Criminal Trials100% Not Guilty

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